Because every household needs a trusty handyman

Keep your home in shipshape

A well-maintained home is a happy home. No creaky doors, no dead lightbulbs, no jammed windows, no wobbly furniture. Oh, and then there's the garden - that's a whole other monster!

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What we can do for your home, rental or Airbnb

Maintenance & Repairs

Walk into your home each day, knowing that those nagging things are done and dusted.

General Maintenance & Repairs

From the smaller details - the lightbulbs, hinges and doorknobs; to the larger ones - gutters, windows and gates. We can cover any general maintenance or repairs around your home, Airbnb or rental property.


We'll make sure that new letterbox, the extra kitchen cupboards, and those dozen picture frames are installed safely, level, and the right way up!

Furniture Assembly

Don't spend your evening and weekend hours putting together flat-pack furniture - it can be confusing and frustrating, and it never quite looks like the diagram! Our team are highly experienced with speedy assembly.

Garden Maintenance & Landscaping

Your garden is the nature that surrounds your home. Keep it healthy and well-groomed.

Garden Maintenance

Your garden plays a big part in your home environment, and so it's important to have it looking sharp, groomed and well maintained. We know how tricky it is to manage this whilst juggling daily life!


Those things you've always wanted done around the yard - reshaping the garden beds, creating that path, or levelling the ground slope - we'd love to help you see those become reality.